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25th November 2022

How To Keep Your Power Transmission Systems Maintained

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Mechanical power transmission systems form a key part of a range of systems and machines, all with different functions and purposes. This crucial part of equipment can perform many tasks, such as increasing speed or reducing it too. Therefore, these systems should be maintained properly and taken care of, to ensure they can always perform at their best. This article will give you our best tips on how to keep yours in the best shape.

Look after each part

Mechanical power transmission systems have a range of complex parts, from bearings, motors and gears, to chains, belts and pulleys. Each of these parts needs careful attention to ensure they’re in working order. Even if one of these small parts isn’t working properly, it’ll impact the entire system, reducing its reliability and functionality. Always make sure you are getting these parts from reputable manufacturers so they are of the highest quality, and less likely to have any issues. 

As well as this, aim to choose parts that have good availability, this is because if you need a replacement it’ll be easy to source, and you don’t want to be waiting around for your manufacturers to make it. Choose standard parts, over custom where you can.


Maintenance is crucial in mechanical power transmission systems; it’ll allow the operation of them to continue smoothly. Therefore, regular, scheduled maintenance should be booked in to try and flag up and fix any problems before errors occur. Similarly, you should make unscheduled maintenance a priority, if a component fails, you need it fixed as soon as possible. A halt in production means a loss of money, it can become costly.

Going forward

You should actively, be trying to manage and maintain your systems, to ensure that your business will continue to be productive and grow. A strong focus on preventative maintenance, and keeping your system maintained to try and stop an error from occurring is key to ensuring your mechanical power transmission systems can continually function.

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