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28th January 2022

How SMEs Can Benefit From Automation

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Despite robotics and automation having many advantages for employees, customers, production, and processes, many companies still view them critically. This is especially true of SME’s. However, according to Fanuc, smaller companies are set to benefit the most from the growth of automation in manufacturing. In this blog, we will discuss how SMEs can benefit from automation. 


Frees up capacity

Nobody wants to stand all day doing monotonous tasks when their expertise could be better used in another area of the business. It’s because of this that using robots for repetitive tasks could save SMEs time and money. With robotics doing the tasks that employees were previously tasked with, the team is free to carry out more challenging and complex roles within the company. 


In addition to this, Robots can work all day, every day, without breaks. Which makes them more cost-effective in the grand scheme of things. In addition to this, they also don’t need lighting or direct supervision which will further free up time for employees. 


Consistent product quality

As an SME, small mistakes can often be very expensive, but by using Robots, you are able to achieve consistent and plannable product quality. This is because individual processes are performed in the manner they were programmed consistently. It always performs the same movements which means errors and production rejects are minimised.


Perform dangerous tasks

How much is your SME affected by staff illnesses and injuries? With the use of robots, the likelihood of employer injuries is dramatically decreased. This is because robotics can perform dangerous tasks or tasks in dangerous environments e.g underwater. 


Quick ROI

One of the most appealing benefits of automation for SMEs is that the return on investment is relatively quick. This is because robots can help you to achieve your production goals in a shorter time frame with fewer resources, as previously mentioned. 



Breaking into the world of automation, particularly for people with little knowledge of IT, can require huge investments and great effort. However, once the benefits of automation for SMEs are discussed, it’s easy to see why SMEs stand to benefit the most from automation. 

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