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26th August 2022

Gluware’s new RPA: Can it simplify network automation?

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In April 2022, Gluware introduced Network Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - a tool to simplify the coordination of multiple automated tasks into a single workflow.

How does it work?

Network RPA, the newest addition to Gluware's network automation suite, is intended to help network engineers and operators make process-focused automation, instead of automating discrete tasks in a coding-heavy way. Gluware's existing automation is now added to Network RPA's drag-and-drop user interface in the form of building blocks. Network managers can then build workflows resembling flowcharts out of these tasks. A singular network failure could activate one automatic resolution after another, and if neither works, automatically send an email detailing the problem. Workflows can be manually started, scheduled or event-driven.

Can API Integrations be used?

Network RPA supports API integrations with all the features of StackStorm; the Linux Foundation's open-source automation platform. Popular industry brands such as ServiceNow, AWS, Azure and Kubernetes are among the 167 supported integrations. The integrations will assist in the automation of tasks that require third-party support, such as automatic Slack notifications when certain network problems occur.

Is automation trustworthy?

Shamus McGillicuddy, an analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, has argued that ease of use is essential in getting enterprises to use automation. McGillicuddy stated that there are many people in networking teams reluctant to use automation because they think the manual processes are more familiar and trustworthy. McGillicuddy has found that some IT professionals utilise an automation tool for one function when it is asked of them, but they continue to complete other tasks manually rather than experiment further with the tool.

What is Gluware’s solution?

The company's ultimate aim with the product is to make it as intuitive as possible for enterprises to experiment with ‘hyperautomation’ - the automation of entire processes rather than singular, discrete tasks. Gluware CPO Ernest Lefner's overall goal is to build a network that mostly runs its daily functions, allowing IT professionals to focus more on enabling business outcomes. He said he recognises that most organisations aren't there yet, but tools like Network RPA will help to build people’s trust in automation.

Network RPA is now available as an independent product in the Gluware intelligent network automation suite.

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