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27th May 2022

Geek+ executes moving solutions project with Life365

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Geek+, an intelligent robot company shaping the smart logistics revolution and Italian third-party logistics provider, Life365, have implemented mobile robots to speed up workplace operations.

Based in Forlì, Italy, Life365 is an important logistics hub located in the heart of Romagna. The company with over 20 years of experience has chosen a well-renowned manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots, Geek+, to advance their business and take on competitors.

Geek+ has introduced a fleet of M200C moving robots to handle operations in Life365’s warehouse as a solution to their problems. The M200C moving robots will transfer office supplies, smartphones, and other high-tech products around the facility and on their way to customers across Italy.

The M-series moving robots serve the same purpose as an old conveyor system. However, conveyor systems have been made these obsolete thanks to the far superior flexibility that AMRs provide. The Project Manager at Life365, Summer Su, says they “are devoted to the best technology available and using it to the fullest.”

She believes “Geek+’s moving robots represent the leading-edge in their field and allow us to continue to provide top-level service to our clients”. Su implies warehouse automation is the logical next step for Life365.

Xin Yang, the Sales Manager Southern Europe at Geek+, commented that “this set-up, involving so many of our moving robots, is the first of its kind in Italy,” demonstrating the versatility of their AMRs. “The rapid implementation and fast return on investment of our AMR solutions provide a useful leg up in booming industries like e-commerce, and we are delighted to help independent retailers like Life365.”

By collaborating and building a bridge between Asia and Europe, Life365 has been successful in providing its customers with the most advanced technological products. Geek+ considers itself a partner in Life365’s mission and looks forward to pursuing its goal of “moving the world intelligently” in the future. 

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