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29th April 2022

FLOW Core 2.1 Fleet Management Software launched by OMRON

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The electronics company, OMRON, have revealed their launch of Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core 2.1 software that allows the short-term introduction of mobile robots.

Since their introduction in recent years, mobile robots have been introduced to automate intralogistics efficiently and safely. They aim to reduce labour shortages at manufacturing sites and free workers from heavy tasks. There is a growing need for robots in the workplace, but companies are struggling to find experts with the knowledge to verify the effectiveness of the system and design before then introducing them to the factory floor.

The FLOW Core 2.1 software from OMRON makes installation efficient and clarifies any issues before the actual installation of mobile robots. Furthermore, thanks to a fleet simulation function, the start-up is also quick. The software enables integrated control of multiple types of mobile robots with different payloads, eradicating the complicatedness of building a system for each type.

Even after the system is installed, it’s straightforward at collecting travel data and identifying bottlenecks. Making the whole process easier, as it’s possible to visualize the gap between the effects of the system and those issues targeted at the time of installation and overall improve travel efficiency. 

By updating the existing software to FLOW Core 2.1, these functions can also be used with mobile robots that have previously been installed. 

Miguel Garcés, the European Mobile Robots Product Marketing Manager at OMRON Europe, voices his opinion on the launch, saying:

“OMRON is continuously driving innovation on the production floor. We are putting the knowledge we have gained from our factories and customer sites into the development of our mobile robots and fleet management software together. We will continue to contribute to the innovation of manufacturing by freeing people from the simple, monotonous, and hard labour and allowing them to engage in more creative work.”

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