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2nd September 2022

Automation, the key to security?

In This Article

Strong security is crucial to a company’s growth. In fact, automated compliance and security can greatly improve this, especially in security audits. This blog will explain to you how key automation is for security and the value it offers a company.

Automation is a valuable and handy tool for any business in today’s world, no matter its size. Security these days needs to match this and be as effective as possible, and automation is the way forward, especially for companies who don't have the skills to do in-depth security themselves. In fact, in many industries like finance and healthcare security is paramount and must be done right in order for a business to function properly.

For effective security posture, there needs to be constant monitoring to ensure that your customer information is held securely, building their trust and respect. Chad McAvoy, co-founder of AdaptX explains how automated security is required, even from just the cost and level of expertise needed. This is because ongoing monitoring is vital, things can change so fast.

Vanta’s Platform

Vanta is an automated compliance and security platform, designed to be used in an organisation’s system to constantly monitor its security, no matter the documents required. Vanta, in particular, is particularly compliance-based, its strength is to really look and analyse what is going on, so when something is out of the ordinary it will recognise this and instantly flag it up. This can reduce the stress of a manual system and will also save money and company costs.

Security Framework

Building a security framework can be tricky, and we all know the best stance is to have security as secure as possible. This means expert experience to create a strong defence, as preventing security issues is the best way to go, you don’t want there to be a chance that something could go wrong. Even though it may seem like more work or more money at the beginning, in the long run, it will be a great benefit to you and your organisation.

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