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23rd September 2022

Automation For Web Handling

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Automation is a term we all hear regularly, but how does it impact web handling? In fact, it’s extremely beneficial, saving both time and money. This blog post will explain to you just how beneficial automation is for web handling; from how it improves product quality to how it benefits the large picture of your organisation.

The benefits

2022 is the best time to automate, it’s been around for 30 years now and its benefits have well and truly been proved. Nonetheless, the installation and training needed to set up this outstanding technology can be costly, but the longer-term perks definitely outweigh this. If your organisation is thinking about starting automation, you should learn about the pros of this so your company can take the plunge into automation confidently.

More production means more profitability 

People can make errors, they also require breaks. The most obvious pro of automation is that these machines rarely make errors and don’t need breaks; they can work continuously, without supervision. In simple terms, this means your company will be more productive, which equals more profits and money made; it’ll make you more successful. Even in more complicated manoeuvres like adjusting machines, automatic web handling is much quicker than doing it manually and is more dependable.

You no longer need to rely on staff

One of the biggest reasons people switch to automated web handling is because it gets rid of the need for labour; it’s changed the web handling scene for good. The average salary for a member of staff is only increasing and investment in an automated system can completely transform your factory, for the better. It’s more convenient, more reliable, and will save you money in the long run. In fact, there's currently a lack of wed operators. This, in turn, is creating problems of its own and automated solutions can really help this, it’s much more simple to train people to supervise it.

Quality and Consistency

Automated machines run their own quality inspections, and they are known for being more reliable. This consistency is second to none, with some machines even stopping to take products that are not up to par away, how impressive!


Safety should be every factory’s number one priority, your operations should always consider and protect the health and safety of your employees. In fact, automation can be used for more dangerous tasks, saving you from putting your staff at unnecessary risks, such as risker cutting and slicing operations. As well as this, automated machines are better for the environment; many have sensors that will only use energy when needed, saving you money too.

There is less downtime

Downtime is what your factory doesn't like to hear; it can happen for a variety of reasons, and with automation, this can be reduced. In fact, some machines may alert you when upkeep is needed; it’s won’t just break down or put your line down for some time, you will have time to plan for this. Therefore, you’ll get a high-quality product that can be made quicker, boosting your productivity. You can beat your competitors with this important piece of technology! 

Do you think automation is for you? There are many benefits and it is worth making the jump and giving it a go for your web handling.

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