More Women Needed in Engineering

Last time, we mentioned how women were typically underrepresented in the field of engineering, and a late article from The Guardian has illustrated just how important a point this is with regards to the future of UK engineering.

Women in Engineering

Last month saw the celebration of National Women in Engineering Day, but the fact is that females make up only 7% of the UK engineering workforce, a figure which is quite simply the lowest in all of Europe. The forthcoming shortage of engineers in the UK has been well documented of late, largely being down to the advanced age of most of the staple engineering workforce in the main, and utilising female talent could well be instrumental if this issue is to be avoided.

Educating Women about ‘Engineering’

Of course, engineering is not a ‘traditional’ career for women to typically become involved in, but equally to neglect the possibility altogether is to miss out on some thoroughly positive career decisions. Much of the fault is still down to the industry itself though, who need to adopt a far more rigorous approach when it comes to convincing young women of the validity of engineering.

Engineering actually encompasses skills that lend themselves to a variety of careers, including science, technology and maths vocations, to name but a few, and this needs to be publicised as much as possible. Many people who excel in seemingly unrelated disciplines, such as art and design, can actually find themselves well-equipped for an engineering career when they combine these skills with maths.

Encouraging Future Generations

Misunderstanding the concept of an engineering career is not the only barrier to female participation though, as early encouragement is needed just as badly as accurate information. Most women engineers possess an individual in their family circle who served as their mentor in this capacity, and so educational and workplace establishments need to work hard to reach female talent as early as possible.

As a specialist distributor and system integrator for a variety of clients in the engineering industry, we’re always very interested to view the situation in this field on a national basis, and we sincerely hope that the female presence within UK engineering becomes far more pronounced in the not-too-distant future.

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