UK Moves to Boost Engineering

Many parties within the UK would dearly love to see the area of British Engineering receiving a welcome boost, and according to the very latest news several new initiatives could well be set to do just that.

James_DysonThe first of these schemes is being pioneered by engineering stalwart James Dyson (see right), and The Guardian reports how his foundation is on track to donate a variety of CAD and 3D printing equipment to schools in an effort to enthuse a new generation of engineers.

Part of the problem with promoting engineers in the eyes of young people is the perception that the discipline is manually taxing and unattractive, so Dyson’s efforts to raise the profile of CAD software in the engineering world are incredibly shrewd.

CAD software is still relatively ‘exciting’ in the eyes of a schoolchild, and is of fundamental importance to engineers, so introducing it into the curriculum earlier on could well be an inspired move. Modern engineering is a far cry from the dull discipline that many people consider it to be, and so it is important to get this across to younger people, and soon.

Of course, encouraging children into engineering is a strategy that targets long-term results, but other methods are still needed to achieve results in the here and now. To this end, a £30 million fund has been promised by the government to address engineering skills shortages in small businesses; especially by boosting the number of female engineers in society. states that this scheme is in response to a review last year that showed engineering was ‘failing to draw on the whole talent pool’, and there has long been a consensus that women are particularly underrepresented in this area. Because of this, attempting to overturn the gender imbalance is an important task; hence the reason why this government fund targets it so strongly.

Coiltek 2The UK engineering sector may well take a while to recover, and the next few years could well be taxing, given the fact that many current British engineers are nearing retirement age, but efforts such as these show that the right remedial actions are certainly being taken. As a distributor that regularly works alongside the engineering industry, this is welcome news, and we hope that more similar initiatives soon begin to bear fruit.

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