UK Manufacturing And Engineering Jobs On The Rise

According to an article released by The Engineer, the UK’s engineering sector is experiencing a huge opening in jobs for those who aspire to pursue a career in the manufacturing sector. Approximately 54 per cent of the Small- Medium Enterprises that were questioned in the survey stated that they were looking to expand their services and increase the jobs they offered.

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Employment within the engineering sector has not enjoyed such a surge in employment for three years, after the economic downturn had forced companies to operate cautiously and cut their costs as a survival tactic. It is reported that there is a 14 per cent increase in the number of companies creating jobs this year compared to companies that were doing so around the same period last year.

The automotive, nuclear and aerospace sectors are reportedly leading the way as companies look to utilise the thriving economy by expanding their services. Statistics concerning corporate profitability of manufacturing and engineering based firms correlates with their staff recruitment confidence. 61 per cent of the companies surveyed confirmed they were experiencing a remarkable growth in sales, therefore it is correct to assume that they are trying to recruit more staff to cope with the sudden increase in sales volumes.

In relation to this, the Office for National Statistics revealed that the UK’s unemployment had fallen to a five year low following a 23 per cent year on year increase in engineering and manufacturing job openings. Many manufacturers have now hinted their belief in the economy’s sustainability through revealing long term plans to expand and build on their services. As a company that has many years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering industry, we at Motion Drives and Controls support companies’ visions to expand.

We believe that engineering and manufacturing is the future of the nation, therefore it is encouraging to see the industry flourish. Every company has an important role in supporting the industry. We play our part through providing many products like the Boston Gear, clutches and brakes. If you want to know more about our services please contact us on 01926 411 544. We certainly hope the industry will work together for the brighter future of our beloved nation.

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