UK Engineering: What does the Future Hold?

Britain has traditionally possessed a reputation for engineering excellence ever since the Industrial Revolution of bygone years. However, according to an article in The Guardian, this long standing heritage is now under threat, as UK engineering is lagging behind many of its competitors. Apparently, when compared to other nations across the globe, the UK now languishes at 32nd in terms of the amount of people who specialise in computer engineering, and we are now being outstripped by countries like Slovenia and Romania in this respect.

It seems like an obvious statement, but technology cannot progress without engineers to facilitate these advances. Worldwide engineering clearly isn’t on the wane though, and at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd we know this better than anyone. Our stock is full of ingenious engineering components from respected international manufacturers such as Boschert, so we are fully aware of the expertise which is on offer. However, the UK does certainly seem to be lagging behind at present, with a 60% decline in UK residents taking A-Level Computer Science being noted over the last 16 years.

As related by the aforementioned article, Britain does not lack talented individuals who possess the potential to stimulate engineering breakthroughs, but as a nation we do seem to have lost some of our previous passion to actually pursue this avenue. Although there is nothing at all wrong with change, few people would object to Britain taking centre stage again in the industry of engineering, as it did in the past, and so more initiatives are needed to encourage children to take an interest in disciplines that are applicable within this sphere. Such steps are already being taken, although a consistent effort is essential for any real progress to be maintained.

Here at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd, we are a leading distributor for engineering equipment throughout the UK, and also Ireland and Continental Europe too. Because of this, we are well aware of the importance of engineering within our own country, and fully support the drive to increase our engineering output once again. We are committed to providing the most innovative products on the market, and to be able to offer more components that have been manufactured on British soil would undoubtedly be a good thing.

Whatever the future of UK engineering may hold, at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd we’ll continue to be a reliable supplier that will meet all of your needs with quality products. Contact us now to find out more.

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