A Successful 2014 for Boston Gear

Boston Gear LogoHere at Motion Drives and Controls, an integral part of our stock is the workmanship of the renowned power transmission supplier Boston Gear, and we have an extensive collection of their products available for you to access.

However this reputable company, based in North Carolina, is continually looking to refine their designs to even more effective heights, and they have already utilised their creativity to solve two distinct problems in the first half of 2014.

Packaging Equipment and Pressure Washdowns

In the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household packaging industries, there was a need for a gearbox source that was capable of rapidly providing units for a cartooning machine line. These machines are regularly treated to washdowns at a very high pressure, and so Boston Gear was called upon to create a product that would solve this problem.

They ultimately came up with a speed reducer, as well as a washdown treatment that could stand up to pressurised or caustic washdowns without being damaged. This innovation relies upon a SBK coating that has been specifically developed for high-pressure environments, and it has already proved to be far superior to the previous competitor options.

Food Safety and Increased Sanitisation

Food safety laws are an area of paramount importance, and in Boston Gear’s home country of America food contamination infections have risen by over 40% in the last three years. Motor and speed reducer drivetrains are widely used in the food processing industry, and, as such, their effectiveness plays a large part in maintaining high standards of health and safety.

Once again Boston Gear proved that they were capable of producing products for use in a challenging area, fashioning gearboxes that eliminate the flat surfaces or holes where bacteria can gather, and repeating their aptitude in the area of solving washdown complications. These stainless steel powertrains may not be glamorous, but they are undeniably important.

Boston GearAs you can see, Boston Gear’s work affects some very important industries, and it’s fair to say that their problem-solving skills are put to the test on a continual basis. Invariably though, they prove equal to the task at hand. If you’d like to find out more about the Boston Gear products that we offer, then we welcome you to get in touch with the Motion Drives and Controls team today. Contact us now by calling 01926 411 544 or emailing and we’ll be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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