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Here at Motion Drives and Controls, we are passionate about engineering and like to keep up to date with all the latest news and updates from this exciting field. A topic we have touched upon on before is the issue of the impending engineering skills crisis. This issue has created a large amount of debate within the engineering community, and remains a hot topic within this important field.

According to a number of reports this week, there have been fresh concerns regarding the future of engineering here in the UK. As reported by the BBC, new predictions suggest that the UK economy could miss out on as much as £27 billion a year, over the next decade; if not enough young people train to become engineers.

These concerns were raised in a report titled ‘The State of Engineering’, produced by Engineering UK. The report, which is produced on an annual basis, includes a detailed analysis of the engineering sector here in the UK and provides plenty of food for thought. For example, the report also highlights that as many as 55,000 jobs will need to be filled each year in order to meet the demand for workers with engineering skills.

Luckily, there are a number of new initiatives currently in play aiming to help tackle this problem, by encouraging more your people to consider a career in engineering. For example, the Science Museum in London recently announced the launch of a new exhibition designed to inspire the next generation of engineers. The exhibition titled ‘Engineer Your Future’ aims to bring engineering to life for young people through a series of interactive displays and exhibits.

Other initiatives include the ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers’ programme which works alongside employers, businesses, and industry leaders, to help schools integrate engineering into the current curriculum. It is hoped that this coordinated approach will have a much greater impact helping to drive forward real change.


It remains to be seen what the future will hold for the engineering industry, though there’s no denying that this highly dynamic and innovative field will continue to make a vital and growing contribution to the economy here in the UK.

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