Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearings

  • Vacuum preloaded air bearings are the ideal solution for applications where mechanical preload is difficult to accomplish
  • Using a combination of air pressure and vacuum its possible to optimise the fly height and stiffness depending on the needs of the application
  • Vacuum preloaded air bearings are available in standard sizes of 50mm, 80mm & 100mm
  • Custom designed vacuum preloaded air bearings are also possible

Product Description

The OAV Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing works on flat, nonporous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass, and ceramics. Its round design allows for smooth, frictionless motion. We offer a variety of sizes that can easily be used for custom air bearing systems. The OAV Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing combines the use of air pressure and a vacuum to allow for the air bearing to be held down while simultaneously being lifting from surface.

Table of options:

Part NUMBERBEaring Dia.heightIdeal LOADDatasheet
OAVR050RV 50mm 22mm 46N download icon
OAVR080RV 80mm 22mm 113N download icon
OAVR100RV 100mm 22mm 173N download icon



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