Flat Round Air Bearings

  • Flat Round Air Bearings work on level, non-porous surfaces such as granite, aluminum, glass, and ceramics.
  • OAV offers a variety of sizes that can easily be used to customized for your air bearing system (available in sizes from 25mm to 200mm)
  • Load capacity from 100N to 6.2KN

Product Description

The OAV flat round air bearings work on flat, nonporous surfaces. Featuring one of the best precision bearing movements on the market and assembled according to the high demanding OAV Air bearing quality standards, the standard product line offers a wonderful blend of reassuring precision along with an infinite life span. A very attractive alternative for tasks
where high speed, non-contact, and no-noise are imperative. OAV Flat Round Air Bearings come with 7075 aircraft quality aluminum, porous carbon media substrate, flatness of 0.0005mm and an input pressure range of 40psi - 100psi

Table of options:

OAV025R 25mm 13mm 101N download icon
OAV040R 40mm 13mm 240N download icon
OAV050R 50mm 13mm 374N download icon
OAV065R 65mm 20mm 645N download icon
OAV080R 80mm 20mm 989N download icon
OAV100R 100mm 25mm 1576N download icon
OAV125R 125mm 35mm 2478N download icon
OAV150R 150mm 50mm 3583N download icon
OAV200R 200mm 70mm 6241N download icon


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