Flat Rectangular Air Bearings

  • Non-contact frictionless solution.
  • Ideal for both linear & rotary applications
  • Great for carrying high loads
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Easy to integrate with practical ball & socket (gimbal) mount

Product Description

We offer a line of flat rectangular air bearing components designed to meet the non-contact requirements at low cost while yielding high performance. OAV® Flat Air Bearings are often used as a standard off-the-shelf solution for providing axial constraint in rotary motion applications. Our standard product line is available in metric sizing as well as the custom sizing made to order upon request:


OAVF20L40 20mm 40mm 13mm 161N download icon
OAVF25L50 25mm 50mm  17mm 250N download icon
OAVF25L100 25mm 100mm  25mm 499N download icon
OAVF40L50 40mm  50mm 13mm 401N download icon
OAVF40L80 40mm  80mm 20mm 637N download icon
OAVF50L100 50mm  100mm 25mm 1184N download icon
OAVF100L200 100mm  200mm 39mm 5136N download icon


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