The Nexen Group – 112 Years of Superior Technology

Nexen LogoHere at Motion Drives and Controls, we’ve spoken at length about many of the brand names that make up the bulk of our stock in the past, but there are still many such companies that we’ve yet to feature. With that in mind, we thought that it was high time to give you a little more information about the Nexen Group, a premium supplier of brakes, clutches and the like that has actually been on the go for an astonishing 112 years.

Horton Manufacturing – The Early Years

Founded in 1902, the Nexen Group was originally born under the name of ‘Horton’; a small manufacturing business which was later purchased (along with its assets) in 1951 by Hugh Schilling Senior and three additional investors. Focusing largely upon the spheres of industrial pneumatics, brakes and clutches, Horton Manufacturing evolved over time to cater for two distinct markets; namely those needing industrial components and those seeking components for diesel vehicles.

The Birth of the Nexen Group

In 1999, Horton Manufacturing finally split into two separate companies, and the industrial products wing – acquired by Hugh K. Schilling Junior – was renamed to bear the moniker that it still carries to this day. Now titled the Nexen Group, the company has always remained true to its roots – hence the continued provision of pneumatic clutch and brake technology – but it has also greatly expanded to incorporate a wide variety of acclaimed product lines.


The Nexen Group Today

Committed to using innovative products to solve each and every customer problem that they encounter, the Nexen Group now serves sectors that are as diverse as the aerospace, tool and solar energy industries, but despite this growth the company remains both privately-held and family-owned. Based in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, Nexen’s state of the art technology is still widely in-demand even today; which is quite some going, considering that they first set up shop more than a century ago.

Our Collection of Nexen Products

The Nexen portfolio at Motion Drives and Controls is as extensive as you could wish to see, with a huge range of products on offer for you to make use of. This assemblage includes Air Champ® clutches and brakes – widely acknowledged as setting the industry standard in this area – but also the Roller Pinion and Roller Pinion Gear systems as well. These latter solutions have revolutionised the options for applications that transfer linear and rotary power, and certainly display that Nexen’s inventive genius is showing no signs of waning. To find out more about our Nexen catalogue, contact us now by calling 01926 411 544 or emailing today.

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