GearboxPower transmission is a concept that many people rely upon in their day to day lives, and yet they never give it a second thought. The idea is actually a very simple one. Power is frequently generated in one specific place, but this place is not the location within a mechanism where the energy is actually needed. A prime example of this would be within a vehicle, where all of the power is actually generated by the internal combustion engine, but the transmission then allows this energy to reach the drive wheels; where it is ultimately required.

In essence then, a power transmission device enables power to be channelled and regulated in a controlled fashion. Power transmission products are widely used within many industries, and the aforementioned gearbox example is by no means the only province where they are of use. One of the standout figures within the power transmission industry is the USA based company Boston Gear, and they specialise in supplying products to many environments that you may never have thought would need these products:

–        Food Processing – Boston Gear has been serving the food processing industry for more than a century. Speed reducers, duty motors and variable speed drives are all needed within the food manufacturing sector, so don’t ever think that drives or motors are merely the province of engineers!

–        Materials Handling – This is a very varied industry, as it includes devices like cranes, lifts, hoists and industrial forklifts. Gear reducers, clutches, brakes and many more mechanisms are all needed in this situation, and the competency of such products is of paramount importance; you only have to think of the damage that would be caused by a load or elevator falling from height to realise the vital role that effective power transmission plays.

–        Packaging Machinery – Such machinery is a niche market, but a very prominent one, and it also relies heavily on Boston Gear for products like variable speed drives, gear drives, speed reducers and torque limiters. Many automated packaging machines simply couldn’t function without Boston gear, as not only would the power not be regulated, but it simply would not be in the correct place.Boston Gear

When it comes to power transmission products for any industrial application, think of nobody other than Boston Gear, and when it comes to obtaining their products, look no further than Motion Drives and Controls. The full Boston Gear range consists of more than 20, 000 separate products, and at Motion Drives and Controls our selection is unparalleled. For more information, or to receive more details, be sure to contact us now and we’ll be pleased to help.

Previously on the Motion Drives and Controls blog, we have looked at the prospects that were facing the UK engineering and manufacturing industries, as these are areas that we have a very strong interest in. We distribute a lot of equipment within the UK, as well as further afield, so the health of our client industries understandably concerns us greatly. Most of the aforementioned outlook upon the situation was relatively bleak, with a strong influx of inspired individuals being needed to revive the ailing UK engineering scene. However, the very latest stories are beginning to tell a rather different tale, as UK manufacturing has now grown by a total of 1% in recent months.

This rise means that, compared to this time last year, the UK industrial output has actually expanded by a very heartening 2.7%. The recent budget was notable for announcing intentions to help manufacturers across the UK, as the nationwide economic situation still needs rebalancing in some areas, so the future prospects seem very bright. We may specialise in supplying the engineering industry in particular, but the spheres of engineering and manufacturing are very closely related, and the growth of UK manufacturing is therefore very important to us; after all, many of the complex products that have instigated this growth would never be created without the input of a skilled engineer.

At Motion Drives and Controls, we are used to dealing with the very finest manufacturers in Europe, as we stock products from companies like the renowned German producer Boschert, and it is therefore only natural that the situation within the UK, our own country, is going to be worthy of our attention, as much of our business is centred here. Apparently, the outlook for UK manufacturing is now at its strongest level for more than two years, and efficient trading is being carried out both at home and overseas. Manufacturing companies are almost universally set for a positive first quarter report, and the contribution that manufacturing plays in relation to the UK economy as a whole cannot be overstated.

We will continue to watch the recovery of the UK manufacturing scene with great interest, and look forward to the day when our engineering industry will display such encouraging signs as well. Despite our interest in the British situation, we actually stock and distribute a huge range of products made by suppliers from across the globe, so we are well aware that the UK is just one part of the overall picture. We maintain good working relationships with all our associated manufacturers, and welcome you to contact us when you need quality equipment for your engineering needs. We’ll always be pleased to help.

If you are in the market for cover material for your equipment then you should consider our A & A Gortite range. They have earned an excellent reputation over the years manufacturing bellow type covers for cylinder rods and shafts, actuating screws, machine ways and linear rails. Their products are sold in a wide range of markets including the medical and dentistry industry. Their cover material is also used on handling and packing machinery.

Gortite is a division of the A & A Manufacturing Company; as a company, A & A were established over 65 years ago in America as a basket ball and football supplier, which is very different to manufacturing machinery parts! Gerald ‘Doc’ O’Rourke (the founder) started a business in his basement after noticing that children needed footballs and basketballs throughout his neighbourhood. Although the products he made differed to what he ended up specialising in, his quality and workmanship has never been in doubt. It is thanks to Rourke’s hard working ethos that A & A evolved into what it is today.

The evolution of A & A occurred after the introduction of line of sewn leather industrial bellows. After this, they started to design and manufacture components used is most types of equipment and machinery. As an American based company their reputation was never in doubt and their status has grown as an industry leader throughout the world thanks to their machinery covers. The telescopic steel covers they can provide you with are custom designed for any tool application that requires protection. The Telaflex® cover protects your machinery from dirt, oil, damage caused by dropped tools and much more.

We are proud to have a working relationship with all of our manufacturers, and this is definitely the case with A & A. If you would like to find out more information about the range of A & A Gortite products we stock feel free to browse our website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by clicking on the contact us link.



Britain has traditionally possessed a reputation for engineering excellence ever since the Industrial Revolution of bygone years. However, according to an article in The Guardian, this long standing heritage is now under threat, as UK engineering is lagging behind many of its competitors. Apparently, when compared to other nations across the globe, the UK now languishes at 32nd in terms of the amount of people who specialise in computer engineering, and we are now being outstripped by countries like Slovenia and Romania in this respect.

It seems like an obvious statement, but technology cannot progress without engineers to facilitate these advances. Worldwide engineering clearly isn’t on the wane though, and at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd we know this better than anyone. Our stock is full of ingenious engineering components from respected international manufacturers such as Boschert, so we are fully aware of the expertise which is on offer. However, the UK does certainly seem to be lagging behind at present, with a 60% decline in UK residents taking A-Level Computer Science being noted over the last 16 years.

As related by the aforementioned article, Britain does not lack talented individuals who possess the potential to stimulate engineering breakthroughs, but as a nation we do seem to have lost some of our previous passion to actually pursue this avenue. Although there is nothing at all wrong with change, few people would object to Britain taking centre stage again in the industry of engineering, as it did in the past, and so more initiatives are needed to encourage children to take an interest in disciplines that are applicable within this sphere. Such steps are already being taken, although a consistent effort is essential for any real progress to be maintained.

Here at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd, we are a leading distributor for engineering equipment throughout the UK, and also Ireland and Continental Europe too. Because of this, we are well aware of the importance of engineering within our own country, and fully support the drive to increase our engineering output once again. We are committed to providing the most innovative products on the market, and to be able to offer more components that have been manufactured on British soil would undoubtedly be a good thing.

Whatever the future of UK engineering may hold, at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd we’ll continue to be a reliable supplier that will meet all of your needs with quality products. Contact us now to find out more.

Different industrial demands have resulted in a range of solutions being developed to meet specific needs. Many manufacturers catering for the engineering industry have found their systems becoming increasingly more specialised, mainly due to the greater complexity of modern operations, and one of the brands that we are proud to stock is Coiltek; widely acknowledged as the premium service for those who need coil technology or ultrasonic loop controls.

coiltek logo_edited-1Coiltek has made its name through loop coil products that have swiftly become recognised as the benchmark in the world of metal-forming. Coiltek is famous for producing solutions that increase the efficiency of web operations; specifically those that depend upon tension free coiling or uncoiling. Using ultrasonic controls to great effect, these systems are robust enough to excel in their intended situations, and also precise enough to pinpoint even the most uncompromising free-loop web position. Widely used within the rubber and plastic extrusion market to regulate downstream or even winding equipment, the company has recently branched out in scope, and it now manufactures bespoke systems to assist with a range of utilities.Coiltek picture2

This influence is especially notable as Coiltek has been a family run business ever since it was first founded in 1978. Beginning in Wadsworth, Ohio, it began as a daughter company of the Cary Corporation, although it was later to be bought by the founder’s own son to continue independent operation. Coiltek remains in the hands of the family who created it to this day, namely the Cary family, and is currently based in Woodster, Ohio. Despite this, their products are sold all across the globe; including right here in the stock at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd.

Here at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd, we supply a full collection of Coiltek technology and products, and welcome you to contact us if you’d like to discuss their nature in any more detail. We specialise in providing a full range of solutions for many common engineering industry needs, and use only the finest manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the suitability of all our products. You can always be confident that our equipment will reduce the necessary maintenance you need to carry out, and also optimise both your costs and your productivity. Call us now on 01926 411 544 to find out more.

When it comes to power transmission products, companies around the world rely on Boston Gear. With a history that stretches back for over 135 years, they have been around longer than many of their competitors, and their experience shows in the quality of their products.

First established in 1877, Boston Gear began as a small machine shop, manufacturing gear-cutting machines at a time when there was no standardisation of gears. Boston Gear introduced this concept, which was quickly embraced by power transmission designers, and also users who recognised the intrinsic benefits of being able to use stock gears in their products. By 1929 they had established themselves as the largest manufacturer of stock gears in the world.

Further innovations followed; the concept of enclosed drives was pioneered by Boston Gear, who still dominate the category today with a range of dependable and high performance products, and today their advanced computer design capabilities, and extensive experience, make them an excellent choice whenever a custom solution is needed.

Boston Gear today has a large manufacturing facility in North Carolina, where they produce an impressive range of over 20,000 power transmission products. These products are used worldwide in many industries, including the food and drink industries, where Boston Gear’s high standards consistently meet, and even exceed, the strict criteria of their users and the relevant regulatory bodies.

As part of Altra Industrial Motion, Boston Gear follows the Altra Business System, which puts a strong emphasis on the “Voice of the Customer” and a focus on constant improvements to quality and customer satisfaction, a process which ensures that their products are always of the very highest standards.

Here at Motion Drives and Controls, we carry a comprehensive stock of products from Boston Gear as well as other major manufacturers such as Watt Drive, Transtecno, Marzorati and more. As a leading distributer and system integrator of drives and transmission equipment, we offer one-source convenience without compromise on quality. For more information about our services and the product ranges we stock, contact us on 01926 411 544.

As we have stated in previous blogs, we have worked with many reliable manufacturers over the years who have assisted us in providing you with quality machinery. Our relationship with Boschert has grown over the years, and during this time we have come to know them as the leading safety chuck and sliding chucks manufacturers.

We decided to become associated with Boschert GmbH & Co.KG because of their established international reputation. We were impressed with the fact that they continue to develop and integrate new ideas with their safety chuck techniques.

Boschert GmbH & Co.KG were founded on 1st September 1946 by renowned machine builder Ludwig Boschert. The company’s reputation grew quickly, and evolved after being taken over by the Kunz family. Since the takeover, Boschert’s plant grew from a small workshop into a large industrial facility. By blending old world craftsmanship with new world technology, they have adhered to traditional values whilst creating relevant products in their German plant. In the safety chuck area, Boschert holds more than 50 company-owned patents. Their product range is also rounded off by a wide range of clutches and brakes.

Their safety chucks and sliding chucks come with the following:

  • Unique safety chuck inspection and certification service
  • Definitive standard for safety chucks across web processing
  • Integrated friction brakes available

Here at Motion Drives and Controls, our team has many years of experience in the manufacture and design of machinery for the web processing industry. You can feel confident that we will provide you with an excellent service, because we only work with proven manufacturers that include Boschert GmbH & Co.KG, Nexen, Company4 and Force Control .

All of our design, replacement, repair and refurbishment services take place within our extensive and up-to-date warehouse and workshop facility in Warwickshire. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 01926 411544.

Here at Motion Drives and Controls we are a leading distributor and system integrator of drives and transmission equipment into the Engineering industry in the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe. We have been established since 1992 and over the years we have worked with many reliable manufactures to provide you with high quality engineering products. We are particularly proud of our working relationship with the manufacturers Force Control.

Force Control’s products date back to 1959, and they expanded their offering of oil shear products in the late 1970s. Since that period of time their business has grown from strength to strength and is now considered a worldwide leader in the manufacture of oil shear clutch and brake systems for industrial applications. They are particularly well known for their Posidyne clutches and clutch/brakes, which utilise oil shear technology in their wet, multiple friction plate designs to provide a high torque, low inertia package. An advantage of using oil-shear operation equipment is the fact that it provides a controllable, cushioned engagement that is smoother, quieter and more accurate than dry friction units.

As a company their business ethos is similar to ours, which is to provide you with durable and reliable industry products to keep your production running smoothly and efficiently.  If you would like to find out more information about Force Control then visit their website on

In addition to the products we stock from Force Control, we also stock products from proven manufacturers such as Nexen, Company4 and Watt Drive. Our team has many years of experience in the design and manufacture industry. Whether it is a complete new production line, or integration of our products into your equipment, you won’t be disappointed with us, as we tailor our services to your exact requirements.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01926 411544, alternatively you can email us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The process of plastic extrusion is vital for the manufacture of many plastic-based products that are used for both commercial and domestic purposes in our everyday lives. Plastic extrusion is whereby plastic is transformed from its solid state to liquid form through heat then formed into the desired shape before being left to cool down and solidify while retaining the shape. Plastic is a very useful material in such a process as it is one of the fewest substances that be transformed from one state to another without losing its compound properties.

Traditionally, the process of plastic extrusion involves plastic pellets being gravity fed through a hopper into a cased metal screw. As this screw turns on its axis, it transports the plastic from the point of entry to the exit while melting and exerting pressure on the plastic, which then liquefies. Although it is clear this process is efficient, it can be further enhanced by adding ultrasonic sensors that help reduce the friction between the extrusion tools and the material facilitating a number of advantages.

It is obvious that reduced friction largely contributes towards smoother motion between two planes. The ultrasonic sensors detect flaws, which could remain undetected by any other conventional solution. Furthermore, using ultrasonically assisted plastic extrusion reduces the pressure in the metal screw casing facilitating faster movement of the plastic. Therefore, the whole process positively influences productivity and more plastic formed products can be produced at a faster rate.

Speed and quantity are not the only benefits manufacturers can enjoy by incorporating ultrasonic sensors in the plastic extrusion process. With reduced pressure and friction, the product quality is guaranteed to increase. Furthermore, there are minimal breakages during and after manufacturing, directly increasing the durability of the plastic products.

With technology increasing nowadays, there is increased competition and manufacturers’ customers have increased expectation in terms of product quality. Many manufacturers are investing in products like the Coiltek range of ultrasonic controls provided here at Motion Drives and Controls that will help you improve productivity and product quality. We are an experienced company with highly skilled employees who will be able to help you select the product that suits your specific requirements. For more information about our services, please contact us on 01926 411544.

It has recently been reported that the engineering industry in the UK is showing clear signs of recovery from the poor financial climate of the last few years. Production rates within Scotland in particular are at their highest levels since 2011, with 45% of companies reporting an increase in orders. The Scottish Engineering quarterly review has also predicted further positive growth for the next three months, as well as an increase in overall employee numbers.

This prediction is mirrored in the equivalent predictions for England, and the UK as a whole, with related industries such as construction reporting even greater increases in trade. The Markit/CIPS purchasing managers’ index (PMI) which measures industry growth in the UK, gave the construction industry a rating of 59.1, which represents its strongest rate of growth on the previous month, since 2007. This news is welcomed here at Motion Drives & Controls Ltd. As suppliers of the engineering industry, our trade is heavily influenced by the successes of the wider engineering industry.

The positive outlook for the engineering industry allows us to continue distributing drives and transmission equipment of the highest quality with the latest innovations, allowing our clients to enjoy significantly increased productivity from reliable brands such as Boschert.

Our business works because the benefits of investing in equipment of the highest quality are evident in the considerably reduced maintenance costs, as opposed to the less reputable brands that we do not stock under any circumstances.

This attention to detail and efficiency is what allows the British engineering industry to remain successful in the fiercely competitive market, where prices are driven down by low quality production particularly in China. The services we offer, such as overnight stock delivery, onsite assistance and continual product support, are absolutely vital within the web processing industry, and our belief that quality cannot be compromised is proving to be a solid formula in a competitively expanding market.

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