Growth of UK Manufacturing Surpasses Expectations

Previously on the Motion Drives and Controls blog, we have looked at the prospects that were facing the UK engineering and manufacturing industries, as these are areas that we have a very strong interest in. We distribute a lot of equipment within the UK, as well as further afield, so the health of our client industries understandably concerns us greatly. Most of the aforementioned outlook upon the situation was relatively bleak, with a strong influx of inspired individuals being needed to revive the ailing UK engineering scene. However, the very latest stories are beginning to tell a rather different tale, as UK manufacturing has now grown by a total of 1% in recent months.

This rise means that, compared to this time last year, the UK industrial output has actually expanded by a very heartening 2.7%. The recent budget was notable for announcing intentions to help manufacturers across the UK, as the nationwide economic situation still needs rebalancing in some areas, so the future prospects seem very bright. We may specialise in supplying the engineering industry in particular, but the spheres of engineering and manufacturing are very closely related, and the growth of UK manufacturing is therefore very important to us; after all, many of the complex products that have instigated this growth would never be created without the input of a skilled engineer.

At Motion Drives and Controls, we are used to dealing with the very finest manufacturers in Europe, as we stock products from companies like the renowned German producer Boschert, and it is therefore only natural that the situation within the UK, our own country, is going to be worthy of our attention, as much of our business is centred here. Apparently, the outlook for UK manufacturing is now at its strongest level for more than two years, and efficient trading is being carried out both at home and overseas. Manufacturing companies are almost universally set for a positive first quarter report, and the contribution that manufacturing plays in relation to the UK economy as a whole cannot be overstated.

We will continue to watch the recovery of the UK manufacturing scene with great interest, and look forward to the day when our engineering industry will display such encouraging signs as well. Despite our interest in the British situation, we actually stock and distribute a huge range of products made by suppliers from across the globe, so we are well aware that the UK is just one part of the overall picture. We maintain good working relationships with all our associated manufacturers, and welcome you to contact us when you need quality equipment for your engineering needs. We’ll always be pleased to help.

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