Engineering Ranks Highly in ‘Top 10 Professions’ Poll

Parent and ChildEngineering as a profession is very much something that is on the minds of UK residents at present. Given the predicted dearth of engineering and technical professionals that is set to hit the UK in a few years time, there is scarcely any wonder that engineering is receiving such widespread coverage, and many people are finally beginning to realise the great opportunity that an engineering career represents.

Parents Approve of Engineering

Of course, the focus of many efforts thus far has been trying to win young people over to the engineering sphere, as until that happens the skills shortage is liable to be a long-lasting one. However, a victory of sorts seems to have been won already, as the parents of many young people have expressed their desires for these children to find suitable engineering jobs in the future.

In a recent poll that targeted parents, engineering ranked behind only a career as a doctor in terms of what parents wanted for their children. Whilst nearly a full half of parents pinpointed a doctor’s career as being the ideal aspiration for their children, engineering was only beaten into second place by a difference of 4%, so clearly parents would be extremely happy to see their children settling into the engineering industry.


The Battle to Win Over Children

A full list of the top ten responses that were given by parents can be seen on the HR Grapevine website, but do the children in question agree with their parents’ plans for their lives?

Put simply, the answer appears to be ‘no’.

From the perspective of a child, the most attractive professions for later life seem to be careers as a police officer, zoo keeper or fire fighter, and hardly 10% saw the possibility of becoming a doctor as appealing. Engineering barely even registers upon the radars of many young people, so the efforts of professionals like James Dyson appear to be targeted in the right place. Dyson has made it his campaign to promote engineering as a desirable career, but there is obviously some way to go. However, in winning over parents, at least the engineering industry can count upon young people receiving some more consistent encouragement in the coming months and years.

Here at Motion Drives and Controls, devices like our Boschert products are used and distributed throughout engineering businesses in the UK, so from our perspective it definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing to see more young engineers coming through! Whatever the situation may be though, we’ll continue to supply our quality products to all those who need them, and if you’d like any additional information, please contact us now by calling 01926 411 544 or emailing We’ll always be happy to help.

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