Engineering Pinpointed as the Key to UK Industry

British engineering specialists are being encouraged to sign up for professional status in order to boost the country’s industry to more impressive levels. The call is linked in with the fact that engineering is increasingly being perceived as a trade that is not particularly attractive, and turning professional would allow many unsung heroes in the world of engineering to achieve much greater recognition.


Engineering many not always be glamorous, but the fact remains that it plays a fundamental role in some of the most advanced innovations in the entire world, and more widespread professional classifications would go some way towards making the career seem more appealing. Not only would it raise the profile of engineers in the public eye, thereby making it seem to be a more promising career choice, but it would also offer a measure of support to those currently-practising engineers who rarely receive any credit.

It’s a sad fact that engineering has lost a lot of its status in late years, and the Telegraph reports how this fact needs to be addressed at a very early stage in the UK education system. Apparently, very young children frequently exhibit qualities of mind that are naturally oriented towards engineering, yet schools tend to disregard these tendencies in favour of developing skills which are actually far less practical.

A spokesperson for the University of Winchester said that the cultivation of an engineering mindset is usually left far too late, and the subject is taught with little enthusiasm, and there are many who would like to see this change. Engineering is a key component within UK industry, and there are few who would not benefit from a more prevalent engineering presence within the country.

Here at Motion Drives and Controls Ltd, we are only too aware of just how much the engineering industry has to offer, and you only have to look at our own products, such as the revolutionary Boston Gear power transmission systems that we stock, to see that the idea that engineers possess a fairly unsophisticated skill set is absurd.

Our own team of engineers has been in operation for two decades now, and we’ve seen many important innovations pioneered by the engineering industry as a whole. Hopefully, if the lacklustre attitude surrounding UK engineering can be addressed, there will be many more to come in the future as well.

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