Efforts to Attract Women to Engineering Fall Short

Some time ago we touched upon the need to attract more women into the UK engineering industry, and indeed the engineering world as a whole has been buzzing with this same idea over the last few months. Plenty of worthy efforts have already been made, but according to the latest studies the enthusiasm of a good many of these campaigns has not been matched by their rates of success.

Women Engineer

‘Girly’ Engineering

The Times Higher Education website reports how attempts to ‘girlify’ engineering are actually extremely unhelpful, and it suggests that such tactics are actually completely missing the real appeal of engineering. Some marketing techniques have tried to raise the attraction of engineering within feminine circles by colouring prospectuses in pink, for example, or even exploring such ideas as the ‘science of lipstick’, but these admittedly clumsy adjustments have been labelled as ‘patronising’.

The Wrong Approach?

Olivia Jones, a chartered engineer, has stated that it is wrong to dress engineering ‘in pastels and pretend that it doesn’t involve maths’. Ms Jones shrewdly observes that this sort of approach could in actual fact be a major part of the problem, as it’s almost like we’re admitting that engineering is an unattractive area and therefore needs to be enhanced in a superficial way. Clearly, there is a real need to move engineering away from being a purely ‘masculine’ profession, but trying to aim for ‘girlification’ is probably not the most effective way to go about this.

What We Should Focus On

Instead, it is proposed that we accept the fact that engineering is not intrinsically disagreeable to women, and take steps to convey the real attractions that are on offer. Creativity, solving people’s problems and engineering effective solutions from an environmental perspective are universally interesting, after all, so it is these things that probably need to be majored upon. Currently, the percentage of females within engineering and technology graduates is waning once again, so obviously the correct balance needed to recruit more female talent has not yet been found.

Here at Motion Drives and Controls, devices like our Nexen products are utilised throughout the engineering industry, and so we’d definitely like to see more women coming to the fore within this valuable discipline. Like all things though, it’s probably set to be a process that can’t be rushed, and so whilst you wait for this ambition to be realised you can still depend on us to meet all of your needs in terms of quality power transmission equipment and the like. For further information, please feel free to contact us now by calling 01926 411 544 or emailing us at

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