The many benefits of ultrasonically assisted plastic extrusion

The process of plastic extrusion is vital for the manufacture of many plastic-based products that are used for both commercial and domestic purposes in our everyday lives. Plastic extrusion is whereby plastic is transformed from its solid state to liquid form through heat then formed into the desired shape before being left to cool down and solidify while retaining the shape. Plastic is a very useful material in such a process as it is one of the fewest substances that be transformed from one state to another without losing its compound properties.

Traditionally, the process of plastic extrusion involves plastic pellets being gravity fed through a hopper into a cased metal screw. As this screw turns on its axis, it transports the plastic from the point of entry to the exit while melting and exerting pressure on the plastic, which then liquefies. Although it is clear this process is efficient, it can be further enhanced by adding ultrasonic sensors that help reduce the friction between the extrusion tools and the material facilitating a number of advantages.

It is obvious that reduced friction largely contributes towards smoother motion between two planes. The ultrasonic sensors detect flaws, which could remain undetected by any other conventional solution. Furthermore, using ultrasonically assisted plastic extrusion reduces the pressure in the metal screw casing facilitating faster movement of the plastic. Therefore, the whole process positively influences productivity and more plastic formed products can be produced at a faster rate.

Speed and quantity are not the only benefits manufacturers can enjoy by incorporating ultrasonic sensors in the plastic extrusion process. With reduced pressure and friction, the product quality is guaranteed to increase. Furthermore, there are minimal breakages during and after manufacturing, directly increasing the durability of the plastic products.

With technology increasing nowadays, there is increased competition and manufacturers’ customers have increased expectation in terms of product quality. Many manufacturers are investing in products like the Coiltek range of ultrasonic controls provided here at Motion Drives and Controls that will help you improve productivity and product quality. We are an experienced company with highly skilled employees who will be able to help you select the product that suits your specific requirements. For more information about our services, please contact us on 01926 411544.

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